Stone Harbor Triathlon VIP Entry Auction

If you are looking for late entry into the 2012 Stone Harbor Triathlon, here's a unique opportunity to do so...

*  Complimentary entry into Stone Harbor Triathlon
*  Complimentary dinner for 2 on race eve at Stone Harbor Yacht Club.  Priority seating will be arranged 
   with sunset views overlooking the water and race course lagoon swim.
*  Complimentary and priority parking at the foot of the Stone Harbor Yacht Club, making your arrival to the
   Stone Harbor Triathlon effortless.
Please Note:  Only 2 winning bids will be selected.  Minimum bid will be $500.00.  If a bidder requests 2 entries, the winning bid will include 2 race entries, the same dinner for 2 and the priority parking spot for 1 car.  This minimum bid will be 750.00.  Please email your bids to with the following information by 12 noon on July 9, 2012 and winning bidders will be receiving an email with directions to complete the entry:
Bid Amount: