2010 NJ Marathon DNF (Did Not Finish) List

Runners that registered for Marathon and completed only the Half Marathon

THOMAS SZLOSEK          M 46  Time:01:28:47  Start Time:00:00:08
MITCHELL SHEAFFER       M 26  Time:01:35:33  Start Time:00:00:23
NICK FRATICELLI         M 27  Time:01:35:35  Start Time:00:00:00
CASEY COLEMAN           M 32  Time:01:35:36  Start Time:00:00:12
JUSTIN TORRENTO         M 34  Time:01:36:52  Start Time:00:00:05
STEVE NOVICK            M 39  Time:01:40:05  Start Time:00:00:04
ADAM EASTMOND           M 32  Time:01:40:06  Start Time:00:05:08
DANNY O'SULLIVAN        M 42  Time:01:40:52  Start Time:00:00:02
APRIL HENNING           F 28  Time:01:42:53  Start Time:00:01:10
JULIE STAUB             F 30  Time:01:43:14  Start Time:00:00:24
DAN BROWN               M 41  Time:01:43:24  Start Time:00:00:37
JOSEPH BRANCO           M 37  Time:01:44:02  Start Time:00:01:02
SCOTT MULLERY           M 44  Time:01:44:06  Start Time:00:00:41
DANIEL CHULSKY          M 30  Time:01:44:24  Start Time:00:00:33
MICHAEL DIGMAN          M 21  Time:01:44:28  Start Time:00:00:32
CHAD KLAUS              M 36  Time:01:45:00  Start Time:00:00:23
STEPHEN RITTER III      M 36  Time:01:45:03  Start Time:00:02:12
NICHOLAS RIZZI          M 43  Time:01:45:21  Start Time:00:01:01
THOMAS BROWN            M 32  Time:01:45:35  Start Time:00:01:32
LISA KORSTEN            F 42  Time:01:46:48  Start Time:00:01:28
CARL FENGLER            M 34  Time:01:47:38  Start Time:00:01:16
PETER NESVOLD           M 39  Time:01:49:50  Start Time:00:00:05
WAYNE SHOLK             M 51  Time:01:51:28  Start Time:00:01:28
AMANDA ULLMAN           F 29  Time:01:51:44  Start Time:00:00:51
JULIE O'SULLIVAN        F 44  Time:01:51:47  Start Time:00:00:35
TOMOKO YONENAGA         F 43  Time:01:52:09  Start Time:00:00:19
SARI ALTSCHULER         F 30  Time:01:52:56  Start Time:00:01:50
MARK GREANEY            M 54  Time:01:53:21  Start Time:00:01:20
RYAN WALSH              M 32  Time:01:53:29  Start Time:00:01:54
JACQUELINE BETTERLEY    F 35  Time:01:53:35  Start Time:00:00:16
JEFF LANG               M 29  Time:01:54:53  Start Time:00:00:54
LEANNA CARREON          F 29  Time:01:55:00  Start Time:00:00:29
GABE KATZ               M 30  Time:01:55:24  Start Time:00:01:28
TONY PINSONAULT         M 46  Time:01:55:59  Start Time:00:00:52
REY OSMA                M 24  Time:01:57:09  Start Time:00:00:59
MICHAEL WALSH           M 46  Time:01:58:26  Start Time:00:05:35
OREST CIKALO            M 41  Time:01:58:30  Start Time:00:05:05
NEEL TILAK              M 36  Time:01:58:30  Start Time:00:06:02
DANIEL STROKA           M 39  Time:01:58:31  Start Time:00:05:35
HIROSHI KITADA          M 44  Time:01:58:39  Start Time:00:00:18
JOHN SCHNEIDER          M 38  Time:02:00:46  Start Time:00:01:29
JEANNIE ROSE RUBIN      F 34  Time:02:00:50  Start Time:00:07:02
HUW PHILLIPS            M 43  Time:02:01:05  Start Time:00:00:30
HENRY MROCZKO           M 42  Time:02:01:58  Start Time:00:05:43
BART CHLEWICKI          M 33  Time:02:02:30  Start Time:00:07:25
STEPHEN GUILBERT        M 21  Time:02:02:36  Start Time:00:05:28
BRUCE DALEY             M 46  Time:02:02:47  Start Time:00:05:38
MEGAN BUECHER           F 35  Time:02:03:36  Start Time:00:01:08
NOT REGISTERED          M 99  Time:02:03:37  Start Time:00:07:58
DOUGLAS FUINO           M 33  Time:02:03:54  Start Time:00:06:20
SUSAN SIRAKOVSKY        F 47  Time:02:04:03  Start Time:00:00:22
MAUREEN MASSELL         F 42  Time:02:04:22  Start Time:00:05:55
GERALD MOORE            M 43  Time:02:05:41  Start Time:00:05:36
LISA OSTERGAARD         F 36  Time:02:07:15  Start Time:00:02:09
RACHANA PATHAK          F 36  Time:02:07:17  Start Time:00:05:39
AMANDO PEREZ            F 36  Time:02:07:52  Start Time:00:00:11
RICHARD MAYORGA         M 21  Time:02:07:59  Start Time:00:05:05
ROBERT MALECEK          M 45  Time:02:08:02  Start Time:00:02:04
CHRISTEN AMBROSIO       F 24  Time:02:08:23  Start Time:00:06:40
JIMMY LU                M 30  Time:02:08:50  Start Time:00:06:15
SIMON BIRD              M 41  Time:02:09:52  Start Time:00:05:35
KEITH SLYMAN            M 41  Time:02:09:52  Start Time:00:05:29
MICHAEL MARRA           M 17  Time:02:09:57  Start Time:00:00:20
JAMIE LEVIT             F 35  Time:02:09:58  Start Time:00:02:07
MONICA MINSON           F 21  Time:02:10:46  Start Time:00:05:57
DAVID GARRISON          M 41  Time:02:11:30  Start Time:00:00:56
SARAH HOWES             F 25  Time:02:11:56  Start Time:00:09:26
MEGAN GRIDLEY           F 41  Time:02:12:15  Start Time:00:01:51
CHRISTIAN DAMMANN       M 34  Time:02:12:28  Start Time:00:07:40
RICHARD KOLODIN         M 57  Time:02:13:27  Start Time:00:02:23
TOM DORAN               M 45  Time:02:14:16  Start Time:00:05:56
JOSE CANEDA             M 43  Time:02:14:25  Start Time:00:07:36
MARK LINDSAY            M 51  Time:02:14:27  Start Time:00:06:38
LAUREN MIANI            F 24  Time:02:14:31  Start Time:00:07:33
HAFR˙N FRI­RIKDSˇTTIR   F 48  Time:02:14:34  Start Time:00:07:00
SANDRA PASCONE          F 44  Time:02:14:48  Start Time:00:07:06
TRACIE MCDOWELL         F 37  Time:02:15:33  Start Time:00:05:57
DANIEL YOUNG            M 44  Time:02:15:34  Start Time:00:06:07
PAUL KACZKA             M 26  Time:02:15:55  Start Time:00:06:13
JEFFREY BALDWIN         M 17  Time:02:16:47  Start Time:00:07:00
GEORGE SCHLIEBEN        M 33  Time:02:16:57  Start Time:00:05:37
MICHAEL DIETRICH        M 34  Time:02:17:16  Start Time:00:07:39
GERALD ANDRADA          M 44  Time:02:17:40  Start Time:00:06:56
FELIX MARTINEZ          M 41  Time:02:18:48  Start Time:00:05:16
BARBARA ZIRL            F 48  Time:02:19:02  Start Time:00:07:18
LAUREN LUNDY            F 29  Time:02:19:32  Start Time:00:12:16
BRIAN BOUCHER           M 27  Time:02:19:44  Start Time:00:09:03
COLLEEN WOODWARD        F 28  Time:02:19:49  Start Time:00:08:16
SHANNON CUTRONA         F 36  Time:02:20:17  Start Time:00:08:16
COLLEEN SEISE           F 34  Time:02:20:31  Start Time:00:08:07
ROSEMARY WILLIAMS       F 43  Time:02:20:37  Start Time:00:09:24
THOMAS HOPKINS          M 53  Time:02:20:53  Start Time:00:06:46
ERIC ANDERSON           M 32  Time:02:20:57  Start Time:00:07:01
THOMAS MUGNO            M 28  Time:02:20:59  Start Time:00:08:48
KASEY HALPIN            F 31  Time:02:21:23  Start Time:00:09:08
FRANCINE ALFANDARY      F 47  Time:02:21:39  Start Time:00:08:48
JARED DIXON BISHOP      M 34  Time:02:21:44  Start Time:00:12:29
NICOLE HUSAR            F 33  Time:02:22:02  Start Time:00:09:59
LISA FRIEDMAN           F 31  Time:02:22:03  Start Time:00:08:27
LAUREN LENNON           F 28  Time:02:22:06  Start Time:00:06:39
RICHARD FRIEDMAN        M 62  Time:02:22:11  Start Time:00:05:09
ANDREA HOLLANDT         F 51  Time:02:22:19  Start Time:00:05:09
DON PARISI              M 54  Time:02:22:26  Start Time:00:09:19
LESLIE SHORT            F 32  Time:02:22:51  Start Time:00:07:42
PAUL SULLIVAN           M 43  Time:02:22:53  Start Time:00:06:38
YVONNE WISSE            F 26  Time:02:22:56  Start Time:00:07:39
JOHN BRENNAN            M 49  Time:02:22:58  Start Time:00:01:24
DAVID FRAENKEL          M 52  Time:02:24:03  Start Time:00:06:28
SUSANNE O'NEIL          F 38  Time:02:24:21  Start Time:00:07:49
CHUCK FERRANDO          M 36  Time:02:25:17  Start Time:00:06:09
JENNIFER THORSON        F 39  Time:02:25:18  Start Time:00:06:46
KEVIN BLUMENTHAL        M 41  Time:02:25:20  Start Time:00:07:11
NATHAN EDELSTEIN        M 60  Time:02:25:31  Start Time:00:08:11
PHEBE NEELY CIULLA      F 32  Time:02:25:55  Start Time:00:06:48
ROBERT LOMONICO         M 69  Time:02:26:15  Start Time:00:10:10
JOEL NIEDBALA           M 50  Time:02:26:24  Start Time:00:07:25
BRUCE FENSKI            M 55  Time:02:26:45  Start Time:00:07:38
BETH WOLOSKI            F 34  Time:02:26:53  Start Time:00:10:46
SHARAD SINGH            M 44  Time:02:26:56  Start Time:00:08:07
ALAN VINEGRAD           M 50  Time:02:28:35  Start Time:00:05:53
SERENE LONGSWORTH       F 30  Time:02:28:56  Start Time:00:08:19
MIRANDA HAFFORD         F 29  Time:02:30:50  Start Time:00:10:47
TERRI SHEDLER           F 48  Time:02:31:41  Start Time:00:09:13
JOSE PACHECO            M 32  Time:02:31:43  Start Time:00:08:05
ROSE HOSKINS            F 44  Time:02:32:09  Start Time:00:10:00
PAULA MOSS              F 38  Time:02:32:12  Start Time:00:09:53
LIZA RONGEN             F 41  Time:02:33:04  Start Time:00:08:07
SUSAN BOWEN             F 51  Time:02:33:29  Start Time:00:09:29
LAURA MONTENEGRO        F 41  Time:02:33:51  Start Time:00:08:47
ERIKA GELLIS            F 40  Time:02:35:34  Start Time:00:07:03
ROBIN RUSSELL           F 47  Time:02:35:35  Start Time:00:07:05
PAOLO TECSON            M 30  Time:02:36:14  Start Time:00:04:31
JOSEPH VERGA            M 41  Time:02:36:21  Start Time:00:11:48
MICHAEL PALMERI         M 48  Time:02:37:22  Start Time:00:05:45
JOE AUBE                M 31  Time:02:37:43  Start Time:00:07:24
JACK OATES              M 66  Time:02:38:02  Start Time:00:07:59
PAUL SAGER              M 43  Time:02:38:09  Start Time:00:07:13
ROBERT LACEY            M 47  Time:02:38:34  Start Time:00:06:35
DANIEL JUDGE            M 42  Time:02:38:35  Start Time:00:08:26
SUSAN ROSMARIN          F 55  Time:02:38:57  Start Time:00:08:16
KEVIN MALONEY           M 45  Time:02:38:57  Start Time:00:01:14
SUSAN DILLON            F 49  Time:02:39:25  Start Time:00:08:25
COURTNEY FELICIANO      F 29  Time:02:40:03  Start Time:00:07:26
LAUREN SENKO            F 22  Time:02:40:25  Start Time:00:10:11
STACEY WEBB             F 26  Time:02:41:04  Start Time:00:08:56
LAURIE ISELIN           F 62  Time:02:41:21  Start Time:00:10:21
MICHELLE THEILMAN       F 35  Time:02:41:46  Start Time:00:08:08
CAROL CHANG             F 43  Time:02:41:53  Start Time:00:08:22
PAMELA PETERSON         F 30  Time:02:41:57  Start Time:00:13:36
ADONIS BUELO            M 49  Time:02:42:04  Start Time:00:08:58
RAY INGRAM              M 59  Time:02:43:04  Start Time:00:09:50
ALIYAH SHAHID           F 26  Time:02:45:51  Start Time:00:05:12
ELYNN LEBRON            F 40  Time:02:46:36  Start Time:00:05:41
BARBARA HAYLES          F 55  Time:02:47:21  Start Time:00:10:34
MICHAEL FINAN           M 31  Time:02:47:48  Start Time:00:08:29
JOSEPH GETWAY           M 34  Time:02:48:04  Start Time:00:05:18
SINEAD NOONAN           F 34  Time:02:48:04  Start Time:00:05:31
ASHLEY SICKLES          F 21  Time:02:50:54  Start Time:00:10:06
KIM FRENCH              F 28  Time:02:52:40  Start Time:00:09:12
SIMON TSE               M 53  Time:02:52:50  Start Time:00:09:26
DR. ROLANDO NEWLAND     M 59  Time:02:52:57  Start Time:00:12:08
GERALDINE KILGORE       F 40  Time:02:53:19  Start Time:00:06:20
JOHN HERMAN             M 65  Time:02:53:25  Start Time:00:09:03
CAITLIN CANDIO SEKEL    F 22  Time:02:53:57  Start Time:00:11:41
BRUCE CARLSON           M 35  Time:02:54:18  Start Time:00:07:45
KATHY KASS              F 53  Time:02:54:31  Start Time:00:08:46
JACOB KALLMAN           M 18  Time:02:54:33  Start Time:00:07:39
ALEXANDER ALI           M 23  Time:02:54:37  Start Time:00:00:50
FRANK SOLDO             M 41  Time:02:57:00  Start Time:00:10:18
THOMAS MARRIN           M 77  Time:02:57:53  Start Time:00:08:29
LISA SMITH              F 44  Time:02:58:48  Start Time:00:09:06
JESSICA NUGENT          F 25  Time:02:59:03  Start Time:00:12:00
SUSAN SCHEETS           F 38  Time:02:59:45  Start Time:00:10:39
AGNES RYMER             F 53  Time:03:00:26  Start Time:00:13:40
MARY HEAD               F 57  Time:03:00:44  Start Time:00:09:57
BILLIE GAMMON           F 36  Time:03:01:28  Start Time:00:09:57
ERIN KALLMAN            F 25  Time:03:03:22  Start Time:00:07:39
JOSIE SALAZAR           F 28  Time:03:05:03  Start Time:00:14:06
EILEEN MCCABE           F 42  Time:03:07:19  Start Time:00:11:21
BERNARD MCCAULEY        M 50  Time:03:07:39  Start Time:00:10:53
TED GASSMAN             M 34  Time:03:09:37  Start Time:00:11:34
ELIZABETH ARONSON       F 46  Time:03:11:43  Start Time:00:08:27
STEVEN FAZIO            M 57  Time:03:14:18  Start Time:00:13:41
SANDRA BANDEHAS         F 40  Time:03:14:43  Start Time:00:10:18
NATASHIA KADIMIK        F 24  Time:03:16:02  Start Time:00:10:14
LISI KLUS               F 34  Time:03:18:46  Start Time:00:08:20
THOMAS TOUHEY           M 57  Time:03:19:30  Start Time:00:06:52
THOMAS STRAPPE          M 44  Time:03:21:41  Start Time:00:01:29
FRED CHAN               M 41  Time:03:23:49  Start Time:00:13:41
ERIN GREGG              F 32  Time:03:25:34  Start Time:00:12:18
JULIE DEFEO             F 35  Time:03:25:56  Start Time:00:10:39
BOB DITTEMER            M 70  Time:03:26:00  Start Time:00:08:21
REBECCA BREESE          F 28  Time:03:30:33  Start Time:00:11:53
LINDA DANIELS           F 25  Time:03:31:20  Start Time:00:10:39
SHRONE BLACKWELL        F 39  Time:03:34:40  Start Time:00:13:03
JILLIAN GRIFFIN         F 24  Time:03:34:51  Start Time:00:07:46
MAYANK MOHAN            M 33  Time:03:35:55  Start Time:00:07:50
GAIL GOLDFINGER         F 47  Time:03:37:34  Start Time:00:11:08
MOHAMED ALI             M 59  Time:03:44:56  Start Time:00:00:50
RICHARD REINHART        M 61  Time:04:01:52  Start Time:00:08:09
GERRY MASANA            M 26  Time:04:02:08  Start Time:00:13:00
KEREN LEBRON            F 26  Time:04:16:55  Start Time:00:13:22
TODD BONDY              M 24  Time:04:21:56  Start Time:00:07:31
MEREDITH WEISS          F 28  Time:05:18:41  Start Time:00:09:42
MEREDITH FALBEE         F 35  Time:05:28:51  Start Time:00:11:34
PHILLIP GRIFFITH        M 42  Time:05:52:36  Start Time:00:08:54
BONNIE LEES             F 56  Time:05:58:30  Start Time:00:00:00
HEATHER DEUTSCH         F 33  Time:05:59:48  Start Time:00:07:45